1. A signed contract with deposit is required to hold the event date.
    2. The balance of the contract is due the day of the event.
    3. For every 30 minutes past the confirmed service time, a $50.00 fee will be charged.
    4. An additional mileage charge of $50.00 will pertain to events over 25 miles from Holgate.
    5. An additional beverage added to any buffet (punch, lemonade, iced tea) will be provided for $1.00 per person.
    6. Table clearing of the entire hall following the meal is available for $150.00.
    7. Buffet table comes complete with chafing dishes, utensils, linen table cloths, and skirting.
    8. “Sit Down” dinner service is available for an additional $3.00 per person.
    9. The head tables will be served at no charge if desired.
    10. Rolled silverware is available for all buffets for $0.75 per person.
    11. China dinner plates are available for $1.00 per person. Additional china pieces are $0.50 each.
    12. Elegant plasticware is available for $1.50 per person
    13. Large containers for leftovers should be provided by the contractee. Containers provided by Bavarian Catering will be $2.00 each.
    14. Final confirmation of menu and number of guests ten days prior to catering event is required.
    15. All prices subject to change.
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